RIDE RIGHT is a safety program aimed to improve the safety of bicyclists.  The program has been developed for the safety of RAGBRAI particpants, but can be used anywhere to promote bicycle and traffic safety.

The following are the 10 Pillars of RIDE RIGHT safety:

  1. The RIGHT stuff
  2. The RIGHT gear
  3. The RIGHT communications
  4. The RIGHT riding
  5. The legal RIGHT
  6. The RIGHT frame of mind
  7. The RIGHT abilities
  8. The RIGHT attitude
  9. The RIGHT attention
  10. The RIGHT condition

Each host community on RAGBRAI has a RIDE RIGHT committee.  This committee is tasked to help make the ride safe for participants and community members.  Bicycle safety doesn’t end with RAGBRAI and the work of the RIDE RIGHT committee can last for years following the big ride.

The message for RIDE RIGHT can be adapted to press releases, social media tips, signs, banners, and much more.  The biggest takeaway is every ride should be safe.

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